I’ll appreciate you attend me in the presentation of the following projects that we have, genre of fantastic film with actors and digitally post-production, with the most current editing techniques, and receive from you, your feedback on them. We are seeking funding and strategic support that will allow us bring them up. These are great projects with a great commercial possibilities, and the intention is to perform video games in addition to merchandising, etc…to be able being distribute around the world.
This the information about audiovisual projects

“The first series of Spanish science fiction – Virtual”. The idea was born from our recent work that is part of a film that was envisioned in the Sitges Festival among others. I want to emphasize to you the profitability and viability of the project to be edited in a large percentage with digital techniques, thus avoiding large costs on sets, atrezzo, …

“For years the program is no longer functioning at full capacity. Its capabilities have been annulled and censure has made people increasingly use it less. Mankind now lives almost entirely in a virtual world ignoring the reality around them. When life itself does not raise the interest of the living, is a sign that the end cannot be far.”


Their pliancy adds is total, and I think that it’s time to support the young Spanish cinema / creative, independent, great professionals, whose opportunities are greatly diminished by the very few occasions than the market provides them with.
As you see, it’s an extremely versatile and great artistic ability team. All copyright / intellectual are properly registered as well as commercialization agreements.


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