Major feature film script foe sale called TEXT ME

Hello All, this is a must see synopsis of the movie TEXT ME. This film will touch and hit home to millions. Premise> Using cell phones to do very bad things including Murder. The story is about a bunch of friends who live in the same building and close by are haunted by the fact that each day there friends are found dead. We have also designed this film to touch on a global problem of distracted driving. This is the first thriller film in history that is endorsed for saving lives by an Archbishop, Operation Veterans Promise and a Ph.D. I Know this is a shock to have a thriller film endorsed in such a way. Read more here. click more then TXT ME.  Do the math folks, 78% of the worlds population has a cell phone. And 7 out of 10 people watch thriller films. Please email us at  No Spam and must have a real interest in hitting the big time.  If you are on LinkedIn see more there.  Thank You.

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