An Interview With Lorelei Lanford

lll7lorelei888An Interview with Lorelei Lanford of IFA Pictures

Lorelei Lanford was born on March 27 in the Kingdom of Belgium. Her grandparents were Actors/Singers at the Royal Theatre of Brussels. Her father is the Award Winning Film Director Guy Bodart and her mother, Fashion Designer Chantal di Bastini.
Lorelei is a professional Tahitian dancer since she was 11 years. She won as best dancer in the early 1980’s.
Eversince she saw the movie “Gentlemen Prefer Blondes

when she was 6 years, Lorelei made it her dream to work in the Motion Picture Industry. She made her film debut at 14 years as an extra in an European film entitled “Vanessa”.

In 1987, Lorelei moved to Hollywood to follow her film career. She has starred in movies such as “The Antichrist” and “The Killer’s Mind”. She is now residing in Las Vegas and is the CEO of IFA Pictures.

NF: Are you working on any films right now
LL: Yes I am currently working on The Curse of All Hallows’ Eve. We start the film in the 1400’s in England where a secret society of evil priests used to grab anything of value that the local villagers owned and as well as the beautiful young girls for sacrifices.

NF: Are you acting in it?
LL: Not really.. I am doing a very small role. You will have to really pay attention to see me. My official title for this film is “Assistant Director”

NF: How do you like being a film director?
LL: I love it. I am working with exceptional actors which makes my job so much easier. I still sometimes get a macho guy who does not want to listen to me because I am a woman.

NF: What do you do in that case?
LL: I simply do not hire them (laughing)

NF: You have a great following on Facebook and Twitter of people wanting to see you on screen. Are you planning on going back to acting?
LL: I do not think I am really good at it! But never know…

NF: So you are an Actress, Film Director and Dancer.. What else can you do?
LL: In the film industry? Pretty much everything. I take the sound, Do special effect makeup, design costumes, edit the film… I had to learn everything about filmmaking. I took my father’s advice “Never depend on anyone”

NF: What kind of films do you enjoy watching?
LL: I love all kind of films.. but I do enjoy old Hollywood classics a lot

NF: What kind of films don’t you like?
LL: Anything shot on digital. It simply looks awful. I support Kodak 100%. Hopefully more filmmakers will come back to film.

NF: Do you have an ultimate goal?
LL: I have so many.. but right now I am looking to build a studio

NF: In Las Vegas?
LL: Yes close to Las Vegas. I have my eye on a 10 acre piece of land

NF: Do you have more films in the works
LL: Yes I am booked until 2017. I will be working on a few features as producer and director and I am thinking of venturing into television as well… I have a great idea for a TV showlo777

NF: Can you tell us more about your next films
LL: “Inmortuorum” is a vampire film, “The End” is a Final Destination type, Crack in the World is a catastrophe film and Wings of Glory is a drama which is based on my Great Uncle. I do hope to get Matt Damon to play that role.. So anyone who knows him, just tell him to give me a call (laughing)

NF: Who would you love to work with?
LL: Pierce Brosnan, Anthony Hopkins, Robert Downey Jr

NF: Is it true that you kept contact with Robert Downey Jr while he was in jail?
LL: haha. Yes, very true. He just had made a film with a close friend of mine and that is how I got to know him.

NF: What advice would you give any filmmakers
LL: Never give up! Back in the early 80s, Sam Raimi was in Europe trying to sell Evil Dead. He was so broke that he spent the night on our couch. He never gave up and look at where he is now!!!

NF: Thank you Miss Lanford for talking with NdieFilms
LL: The pleasure was all mine. Thank you for supporting independent filmmakers!!

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