An Interview with Film Director GUY BODART

ND: How did you start in the business?
GB: My parents were in the business,  I was always surrounded by actors , technicians etc… I had my first camera at 7 years old . I remember it was a little Bolex 8mm . So, I started to make little documentaries and 2 little fiction movies. At the same time, I learned how to process and print photo films ….I never stopped shooting except when I joined the army…It was guybodartthe beginning of a big adventure!

ND:How did you raise money to make your 1st film?
GB: Great point! At the beginning, my parents gave me a little bit of money. After that, I have always produced my movies with my own money

ND: Do you have any ultimate goal to fulfill as a director?
GB: I think when you are director you already hit the goal you wanted. The ultimate goal will be to come with new ideas …Something nobody has ever seen before

ND:What do you find to be the most gratifying aspect of filmmaking
GB: To be accepted by the people for the work I am doing

ND: Explain the time commitment you put into your movies.
GB: It’s a full time job. Days and nights.

ND: Tell us something about yourself that others would be surprised to know
GB: I do not know! I was a race car driver, champion of Belgium, a guitarist in the top  rock band of Belgium

ND: What has been the most exciting moment in your career.
GB: Selling my movie at the Cannes film Festival
ND: And what was the hardest?
GB: Everything is very hard in that business. Finding good actors, here in Las Vegas is very difficult. Good crew…Is even more difficult because 99% of those people are using a Digital cameras and have no clue about real cinematography

ND: What advice would you give young filmmakers?
GB: Filmmakers is a name for people who shoot on film only. I can tell them to not waste time to make short films. It’s very difficult to sell a good feature and impossible to sell a short

ND: What is your latest film about?
GB: It’s about the beginning of Halloween, nothing to compare at all with other movies made about Halloween

ND: Would you like to tell us of others projects in which you are currently working on?
GB: I am Working on Elizabeth Bathory, Wings of glory It’s a true story  about the life and death of a WWII pilot who crashed his airliner in an horrible storm. Crack in the world is on the table and of course another horror film entitled “The End”

ND: You are a director, Producer, DP.. Which one is most challenging and which one do you prefer?
GB: I like that question! Director and DP are both real challenges! Producer is always a big risk! The business itself is a big challenge!

ND: How difficult is it to sell a film in today’s market?
GB: You will always sell a good movie!
ND: How do you want to be remembered?
GB: I do not know and I do not really care but I hope people will remember me as the person who scared the audience on the silver screen!


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