Black Spot 3D

Hi All,

Please have a look at my little experimental 3D short horror/ thriller BLACK SPOT – experimental in that it was shot on a £28 Aiptek 3D camcorder, the size of a full fat Blackberry, which had terrible reviews dismissing it as no better than a toy!

Picture quality isn’t great, but the 3D mostly works and it’s had a terrific response from horror bloggers worldwide, as well as being screened in red/ cyan 3D in San Diego and in Italy.

There’s also a 2D version and a stereoscopic 3D version for those who have a 3D tv (I hear the picture quality is better on the stereoscopic version but sadly I’ve never had the chance to see it!) You can see both of those over at

Any feedback much appreciated – I know it’s not a work of art, as I was deliberately aiming for a trashy/ bleak/ grindhouse feel (but without the cliched scratches and suchlike..)


Luth of Faster Productions

Black Spot 3D

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