Tips For Advertising Your House As A Filming Location

If you’re looking to earn some extra cash and you live in a house that looks good in camera, then you might want to sign your house up as a filming location. There are more than 800 films produced in the U.S. every year and they will surely be looking for a filming location to shoot their movie in. These studios look for all kinds of locations, from wealthy mansions to an urban house, or a loft with a great view. Whatever your house may be, chances are their is a location scout looking for something like it. Here are some tips you should keep in mind when you’re advertising your house as a filming location.


  1. Take photos of the house


Take clear of photos of your property. Capture every room inside and outside the property with a hi-def camera. Don’t take too much though, just two or three shots per room will do, as long as the picture gives the scout a good look of the house.


  1. Classify your house

5401 olympic front

What kind of property is your house? Is it a Victorian era house or a small bungalow? Identify the design of the house and where its inspiration comes from. Add more info about the property whether it has a brick wall or a glass staircase.


  1. Does it have parking space for the crew?

5401 side parking

A big movie crew will usually have 40 to 100 people on location. They’ll have trailers and trucks everywhere so you must make sure you have enough parking space for them. Don’t worry though because it doesn’t usually have plenty of people. Small productions will only have a small crew so if as long as you have a parking space it’s good enough.


  1. Have another place to stay if need be


Depending on the shoot, it may take days when filming at your house. They might move some stuff to fit their needs. You might want to stay at another place while they’re shooting so you don’t disturb the filmmaking process.


  1. Prepare a contract


Your contract must clearly state what the filmmakers are allowed to do in your house. You don’t want to end up returning to your house to find out that your house has been completely renovated.

Browse the web and take a look at the filming locations available online. Take some cues on what you should add to your house advertisement. is a good example, it has clear photos of every part of the property and descriptions of the house and its features.



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