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Art Lynch coaching younger actors at Lynch Coaching. 702-682-0469 /

Art Lynch coaching younger actors at Lynch Coaching. 702-682-0469 /

Individual to classroom size coaching available through Art Lynch, Don Brakeman, Scott Rogers Studios and numerous other opportunities, offered to meet you particular talents, personality, experience and needs.

Decades of combined experience and skills to share.

* Individualized attention
* Passion for your talents and your potential
* One-on-one coaching private and small groups
* Advanced Master Class Training
* Beginning your acting adventure
* Acting for non-professionals
* Acting for professionals in other fields
* Audition coaching
* Improvisation
* Theater Games
* Sketch Comedy and Drama
* Cold Reading
* Scene Study
* Character Development
* Overcoming Fear
* Selling Your Talent
* The business of Hollywood
* Theater, Film, Television, Animation
* Video Reel Development
* Acting Technique
* Improvisation
*Coaching for specific role auditions
* Voice Over
* Video and Audio Reel Consultation
* On set coaching
* Interviewing
* Marketing Consultation
* Career Guidance
* Head-shots
* Promotional photography
* Resource consultation

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