Talking about Guy Bodart’s All Hallows Eve the Movie

Today we are sitting down with Guy Bodart, Director and Lorelei Lanford, 1st Assistant Director of All Hallows’ Eve.

ND:From the reviews I have read, All Hallows Eve seems to be on its way to be the best horror film of the year. What do you think made it different from other horror films?
GB: A lot of acorlissction, an actual story line.

ND: Miss Lanford, this is your first film as 1st Assistant Director, correct?
LL: Yes it is my first “Official” 1st AD title but I have worked all my life with my father on his films.

ND: Was it any different this time having the “title”
LL: YES of course! Lost a lot of sleep! Felt the weight of the film on my shoulders. But took one scene at a time

ND: You decided to produce the film yourselves. You did not try to get funding?
LL: No it is almost impossible to get funding for an Indie film. We did not want to wait and hear broken promises. It is only after you have had a blockbuster that the studios give you millions but then they will also own you and your work.
As a writer and director, I want to retain the rights.

ND: The film stars the Brilliant Vanessa Coleman. A newcomer to the American cinema. How did you discover her?ness2
GB: I knew Vanessa from her work in theater. I was actually looking for someone with theater background. Vanessa came to audition and we knew right away we had our Countess Victoria.
LL: I remember Vanessa being very nervous but she had IT.

ND: Do you have a distributor for All Hallows’ Eve and when is it coming out
GB: We have really great contacts. A lot of people are interested in this film.


ND: What is next?
LL: I am developing a story with the character of “Corliss” from All Hallows’ Eve and making him the star of my next film. We are also working on the remake of Killer’s Mind. And in 2016 a vampire film entitled “Netherwood”

ND: A busy year for 2 great Independent Film makers. Looking forward to see your work on the silver screen
GB: Thank you. Trying our best to entertain people!


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