Lorelei Lanford’s ‘The Curse of All Hallows Eve’ is currently being fully shot in Las Vegas and is eyeing a release in 2017. The original horror film stars Vanessa Coleman, Sean Morelli, Stephen Manley of 


Meghan Fabyan

Star Trek fame and Jaime Lynch of the popular Las Vegas show ‘Fantasy’


Lee Adams

 ‘All Hallows Eve’ marks the directorial debut of Lorelei Lanford. She is the daughter of film director Guy Bodart. Miss Lanford is presently based in Las Vegas and runs her own film company IFA Pictures. Born in Namur, Belgium and raised in French Polynesia, Tahiti, Miss Lanford later moved to Los Angeles to become an actor. She was intrigued by the craft of filmmaking and switched to roles behind the scene. She assisted her father Guy Bodart and started writing scripts. Eventually she became the first assistant director to Bodart before deciding to make her directorial debut.

Lorelei Lanford is one of the few female directors in Hollywoodtoday and among fewer who have tried to make horror films. For every two hundred and fifty films that Hollywood produces right now, only seven are helmed by women directors.

‘The Curse of All Hallows Eve’ is written and directed by Lorelei Lanford. She has her next film in the works, titled ‘Netherwood’, which is a classic vampire film. She is also working on a Film Noir set in the 1940s, which will be filmed entirely in black and white.

About ‘The Curse of All Hallows Eve’

On All Hallows Eve in the year 1457, Evil Countess Victoria (Vanessa Coleman) and Ambrus (Stephen Manley) lead a secret society of priests who specialize in diabolical ceremonies and dark rituals to perform human sacrifices to satiate their God Samhain. The villagers, aware of the practices and sacrifices, are enraged and rebel against the countess. They invade the castle and attack the members of the cult. Countess Victoria is fatally injured but curses the villagers and their bloodline before she dies. Countess Victoria curses her killers that evil would reside in every villager, living and waiting to be unleashed, growing with time and every new generation. She also declares that the fateful day will be remembered and celebrated for centuries as All Hallows Eve.

Lorelei Lanford has been inspired by films like Hostel, Scream and everything from Hammer. Her directorial debut and ‘Netherwood’ in the pipeline mark her foray in the horror genre

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