The Curse of All Hallows Eve (2017) Curse or Coincidence

All Hallows Eve: Cursed for 2 Years in Making, the Teaser of ‘All Hallows Eve’ is finally here!


Vanessa Coleman and Eryn Pablico


Director Lorelei Lanford

Ever since the announcement two years back, Lorelei Lanford’s ‘All Hallows Eve’ has been dealt one blow after the other. The film produced by Guy Bodart was eyeing a 2016 release initially which got postponed due to unavoidable circumstances and the makers are now looking at a 2017 release. After unfortunate incidents that had halted filmmaking, what the cast and crew are referring to as ‘Coincidence or Curse’, the teaser of ‘All Hallows Eve’ is finally here.

‘All Hallows Eve’ is partially based on real stories and partly on legend. The story originates in the 15th century when the first ‘All Hallows Eve’ was observed, what we call Halloween today. The film narrates the tale of Michelle Thompson, a young woman from Woodridge, Illinois who experienced paranormal activities back in 1967 and who disappeared less than a year later.

Coincidence of Curse


Jean Sulli

The film has been plagued ever since it hit the floors. The first five rolls of films used in the first leg of the shoot were completely blank. When the films were developed, there was nothing on them. All one could make out were shadows. It is not just eerie but unheard of to have three cameras malfunctioning at the same time and the films, as many as five rolls, capturing nothing. If that was not a curse enough, two main cast members playing quintessential characters in the film fell ill and the director chose to conduct another round of audition to find suitable actors. The script too was modified to account for the changes. Then, Marilyn Weinmann who was playing the protagonist’s mother passed away. The unfortunate incident halted the production for two more months. Overcoming all the disruptions, misfortunes and the coincidence of curse, the teaser i


Tragic loss of Marilyn Weinmann

s finally here and the film is set to release in 2017.

‘All Hallows Eve’

The film stars British stage actress Vanessa Coleman, Stephen Manley (of Star Trek), Jaime Lynch (star of the Las Vegas Show FANTASY) and Sean Morelli. Directed by Lorelei Lanford, the film has been shot in Las Vegas. This marks the directorial debut of Lorelei Lanford, daughter of film director Guy Bodart.

All Hallows Eve retells the tale of Evil Countess Victoria and Ambrus who lead a secret society of priests specializing in diabolical ceremonies and dark rituals to perform human sacrifices to appease their God Samhain. From the origins of Halloween to a contemporary tale of paranormal events, Lorelei Lanford presents a noir horror film inspired by cinematic treatments of Hostel, Hammer and Scream.

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