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James Perry & IMDB for resume. I am a new independent filmmaker. I just completed my director's debut film "Disillusion". Information is listed on my IMDB page. Currently directing my first full feature film now. I begun my career in music production and music video production. My music production is under ASCAP publishing. I am looking to continue to build my career into the art of film. Currently filming projects in 4K. I have a great imagination to produce a cinematic visual.

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Feels Like Euphoria trailer

Feels Like Euphoria trailer

Two ambitious women take their complicated relationship to the next level despite one’s patience and sexuality becoming in question written/directed by James M. Perry starring Pirina Dzhupanova | Venus Dana Marie Zoumanigui | Gypsy Rose | Elroy Martinez Jr Instagram @FeelsLikeEuphoriaMovie  

Dancing With Skeletons trailer one

Inspiring actress and her audacious roommate participate in delivering illegal items to gain financial freedom. Thanks to a few intertwining events, they soon learn they’re in over their heads as the night dangerously progresses. Please share/support the upcoming thriller.

DISILLUSION (short film)


11 minute short film. Like on Rachel Thorn sets a beautiful evening dinner to celebrate her new restaurant. She invites her lover Marcus Hill over to share the moment but Rachel has other delicacies to serve him. Revenge, but unlike his occupation, Marcus is in a situation where he can’t negotiate his way out […]

Stiletto Dreams Trailer

Stiletto Dreams Trailer

The trailer to the independently produced film Stiletto Dreams. Premiering OCT 10th 2015. for tickets Fed up with Brooke’s rebellious behavior her father sends her to live with her childhood friend, Samantha. They reunite and Brooke becomes adjusted to her new home and friends. Brooke soon learns how much Samantha and her had dangerously […]