NdieFilms Film Competition

The 120 hour Film Competition
A race against the clock

The NdieFilms Film Competition is a competitions happening around the world at the same time.
You have exactly 5 days or 120 hours to build your team and shoot a short film (running time: 9 to 12 minutes)
Each film must have Beginning and End credits along with a title card with you team name, title, genre, city/country, and date.
The competition starts on March 20th, 2014 at 9PM (USA PST) and ends March 25th, 2014 at 9PM (USA PST)
On the 97th hour we will post on our web site (www.ndiefilms.com) an addition that you need to place in your film (It can be a prop or a line)
We do this as the film business is unpredictable and sometimes changes need to be made at the last minute.
The winner of the best short film will be announced on our site www.ndiefilms.com and will receive

Registration fee: Before January 30th, 2014 – $95
If Registering after January 30th, 2014 – $150.
Deadline is March 15th
(We do accept payment via Paypal)


What can I do with my film after the competition?
We will show it on NdieFilms.com
We encourage you to enter more festivals

Can I sell my film?
Yes once the competition is over, you are welcome to seek distribution